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Course on Safe Operation on-board Tankers & Chemical Carriers

Of Benefit to

Ratings and Petty Officers

Course Duration

Five days

Course Content

  • Company policies
  • Safety Management System including the importance of Safety Meetings, on board training, use of appropriate PPE, conducting JHA, filling checklists, obtaining PTW and guidance and assistance from senior personnel
  • Prevention of pollution on board tankers
  • Safe handling of chemicals and petroleum products, exposure limits, dangers associated with sour crude - H2S
  • Hazards associated with Tankers / Chemical Carrier operations (IGS, purging, gas freeing, tank cleaning)
  • Hazards associated with critical operations on Tankers / Chemical Carriers including safe mooring operations
  • Keeping efficient cargo, bridge and engine room watches
  • Vessel resource management
  • Attitude building, teamwork, work hours / rest periods, fatigue
  • Importance of good housekeeping and smart appearance
  • Practicals
    • Good housekeeping
    • Working aloft on a mast, lubrication of top lift wires
    • Rigging a Jacobs Ladder, reading draft marks
    • Use / undertanding of gas measuring equipment
    • Entry into enclosed spaces
    • Mooring operations
    • Rigging of tank cleaning machines, pneumatic lights and blowers
    • Proper use and care of UTI tapes
    • Oil spill drill
    • Preparing for hot work

Additional Information

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Capt. Sarfaraz Lakdawala
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Tolani Maritime Institute
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