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Code of Conduct

In order to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline amongst the students, a strict code of conduct is followed at TMI.

Hostel Accommodation

Residence in the hostel is compulsory for all students enrolled in the UG programmes except during the internship semester. Students are required to remain on campus at all times except at specifically exempted times such as Sundays and are expected to participate in all activities of the hostel community. A leave of absence may be granted if justified, but only against a written request from parents. Unauthorised absence is treated as a serious breach of the rules.

Class Attendance

Students must maintain regular attendance at classes and practical sessions, and eligibility to appear for mid/end semester exams depends on attendance not falling below 85% for theory classes and 100% for workshop practicals. No period of absence is condoned and every absence, even if due to illness, is deducted to determine the level of attendance.

All students are required to wear a prescribed Merchant Navy standard uniform throughout the day. Strict discipline along the lines of naval training institutions is maintained, and the institute issues rules, regulations and instructions regarding the wearing of uniforms which all students are required to follow.

The Drug and Alcohol Policy

In line with present legislation in the shipping field, TMI has an explicit Drug and Alcohol Policy. All students are required to strictly follow this policy at all times. Non-compliance will be viewed very severely by the management and could lead to expulsion.

The Court of Honour

A Court of Honour, managed by students, deals with non-compliance of Institute rules. Its recommendations are referred to a Disciplinary Committee which constitutes members from both management and students. The Disciplinary Committee is authorised to award necessary punishments.

Students are expected to protect the property of the Institute at all times and conduct themselves in a manner so as not to cause any damage. The Institute reserves the right to recover from errant students the cost of damage inflicted on any Institute property in addition to taking other disciplinary action. Visits of guests are regulated and parents, guardians and personal friends of students may visit them in the hostel only during specified visiting hours.

Ragging on campus is strictly prohibited. Any incidence of ragging is immediately acted upon and the guilty is liable to be dismissed from the Institute.