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Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging on campus is strictly prohibited. Any incidence of ragging is immediately acted upon and the guilty is liable to be dismissed from the institute. The institute has in place an Anti Ragging Committee to prevent any kind of ragging in the institute.

The committee members are:

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact Phone Email ID
1 Dr. Sanjeet Kanungo Principal +919011084737
2 Cdr. Sukanta Dasgupta (Retd.) Vice Principal - Student Affairs & Alumni +919822602894
3 Mr. Bhagwan N. Shevkar Representative of Civil Society +919890378242
4 Ms. Sunita Wahi Representative of NGO +919850221021
5 Mr. Prasad Deshpande Representative of parents +919923400135
6 Capt. Indranath Banerji Vice Principal - NS, Representative of Faculty +919890307550
7 Mr. Shailendra Kumar Vice Principal - ME, Representative of Faculty +919764562872
8 Ms. Shabana Shaikh Representative of Non Teaching Staff +919922680874
9 Cdt. Hitesh Ranglani Representative of Senior Students +919552368017
10 Representative of Fresher Students