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B.Tech. Marine Engineering - Overview

The B. Tech. Marine Engineering programme at TMI is governed by the Academic Rules prescribed. The programme is spread over a period of four years, structured into eight academic semesters. In addition to theoretical and practical training, students are required to participate in the co-curricular and extracurricular activities of the Institute.

The Programme Design

The syllabus and curriculum have been designed to firstly impart a comprehensive foundation in fundamental engineering sciences, and to provide an exposure to some areas of humanities and the social sciences. Thereafter, the curriculum focuses on specialised knowledge of theoretical and practical marine and mechanical engineering, with an emphasis on skills and competencies required to operate, manage and maintain shipboard machinery.

Each Year...

The first year courses introduce the engineering sciences and the second year courses build on this knowledge base, examining the application of these sciences in a marine engineering context. The third year courses cover essential marine machinery together with advanced theoretical inputs relevant to marine engineering. In the final year, the focus is on ship operations and specialised marine machinery.

Focus on Practicals and Development of Skills

Relevant training in the laboratory supports all classroom courses. In addition, workshop training is a feature throughout the 4 -year period, beginning with the use of basic hand and machine tools in the first year and progressing to dismantling, overhaul and assembly of all marine machinery.


In the final year, each student spends one semester working as an intern in a maritime organisation. As interns, students get the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge base acquired on campus, and get to experience a real world environment of responsibility.