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Vision, Mission & Policy

Our Vision

To be the preferred maritime education and training provider in the industry meeting the highest global standards.

Mission Statement

Tolani Maritime Institute is committed to be an instrument of positive change in the maritime industry for the ultimate benefit of society. For all those who undertake education and training at the institute, TMI shall facilitate acquisition of the right learning, right skills and the right attitude thereby promoting in them a passion for the profession. The Institute will constantly endeavor to expand its area of influence by introducing additional educational programs in diverse and related areas.

In consonance with its holistic culture and its value system the institute will promote:-

  • the inculcation of integrity and courage
  • respect for oneself and others
  • cultivation of a spirit of inquiry and independent thinking
  • the development of physical and mental capacities of the students
  • the sense of accountability  towards all stakeholders
  • a commitment to enhance the lives of others and a sense of social responsibility

Our Policy

In pursuance of its mission, TMI is committed to work towards:-

  • Ensuring compliance to STCW Convention and STCW Code requirements;
  • Continual improvement of the curriculum in line with stakeholder needs,  expectations and emerging technology;
  • Continual professional development of all faculty and staff by encouraging them to pursue higher studies and research and providing opportunities to participate in training courses, seminars, conferences etc.;
  • Creating conditions, which foster development of positive attitudes and harmony amongst the faculty, staff and students so that knowledge is shared freely and without prejudice;
  • Maintaining transparency in its systems and operations in order to build confidence and maintain a healthy relationship with students, parents, industry and with the society;
  • Prevention of injury, illness, property loss and damage;
  • Maintaining a pollution-free environment.