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Employers Role

In order to maximise the benefits to both the intern and the participating company, certain individuals need to fulfill key roles during the internship period.

Chief Engineer/Chief Officer as Facilitator

The Chief Engineer and Chief Officer have an important role to play to achieve the objectives of the Internship Programme for Marine Engineering and Nautical Technology students respectively. The Internship Programme paves the way for a systematic development of a Junior Engineer / Junior Deck Officer and thus, to a great extent, will relieve the senior engineers and officers from some of the tasks of training a subordinate at this level.

Senior officers should assign various regular shipboard work to the intern. TMI students in the Internship Programme have already undergone three years of intensive training, including STCW courses in personal safety, and will prove to be a valuable asset to the vessel and it's crew.

Senior officers should encourage their subordinates to guide, support, and observe an intern's progress. The intern should be encouraged to learn on his / her own through guided instructions in the programme material, ship's plans, and maker's instruction manuals. The work done by an intern is to be verified by a senior officer and corrected where necessary. A Chief Engineer and Chief Officer will have the multiple role of boss, teacher, and friend to an intern.

Second Engineer/Second Officer as Mentor

For each item covered under the objectives of the internship, the intern should be assigned to an officer of the ship who should guide, monitor and finally assess the performance of the cadet under that category. The Second Engineer or Second Officer should be a mentor to an intern during their stay on board the ship and they should utilise the intern for regular work whenever they are not engaged in any training item covered under the programme objectives. This regular work automatically becomes a part of the training.

Assessment of the Intern's performance

The assessment by the assigned training officer, mentor, chief engineer / officer and master will be the major part of an intern's assessment for the semester. On completion of the internship, an intern is required to submit a formal project report based on the activities carried out during the internship on board. In addition, an intern has to address a seminar on the training with senior TMI faculty assessing these components. The balance of the assessment is covered by these two projects.

Any violation of rules / indiscipline should be recorded in the journal for penalty (discredit) marks. Cadets should fill in the particulars of the ship in appropriate columns within first 15 days and get them countersigned by the Chief Engineer and Master.