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Clubs @ TMI

TMI encourages participation of students in Club activities on campus. Clubs are essentially coordinated by students themselves though are given general guidance by nominated faculty members.  Clubs serve as an informal organizations in which participants can freely pursue their hobbies for the larger good of the society.

List of active Clubs is given below. There is no restriction of numbers of clubs which can be formed, even if they are dormant for shorter term.

  1. Academic Assistance Club
  2. Adventure Club
  3. Arts & Craft Club
  4. Astro Club
  5. Community Service Club (including Environment)
  6. Cookery Club
  7. Cross Culture Study Club
  8. Cultural Club (Music/Dance/Theatre)
  9. Debate/Quiz Club
  10. Institute Band
  11. Model Making Club
  12. Nature Watch Club
  13. Photo Club
  14. Pi Club
  15. Reading & Writing Club
  16. Sports Organisation including Life Guards
  17. Virtual Reality Club