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Ship Masters Command & Control Course


Ships today are extremely expensive and therefore are operated and managed more and more with zero error tolerance. The approach of trial and error is not acceptable any more as mistakes are costly both directly and indirectly. The commercial pressures on the master are exhaustive. Furthermore shipping today is rather overregulated and various agencies are constantly visiting ships for inspections and reinspections to ensure compliance with these regulations. The reduction in ships' complement and the presence of multi-nationals on board require the senior shipboard staff, especially the master to possess not only professional competence but also excellent personnel management qualities.

This program is aimed at providing necessary inputs to take care of these demands on the master. After successfully completing this program the masters would be able to carry out the assigned duties more efficiently. Similarly, this program would be extremely beneficial to the chief officers who would thereafter be better equipped to take over the command of a

Who can benefit

Masters and Chief Officers with Master (F.G.) Certificate of Competency


Monday 0900 hrs to Saturday 1700 hrs


Courses will be scheduled as and when required by Companies / participants.


Tolani Maritime Institute, Induri.

Batch Size

Maximum 15

Programme Fees

Rs. 31,500/- per participant, inclusive of lodging and boarding. Participants are welcome to bring along spouses in which case a total additional Rs. 3,500/- will be charged towards spouse’s lodging & boarding for entire stay. Sports, swimming, etc. facilities available.

Programme Structure

The programme will consist of lectures, discussions, case studies and problem solving workshops with real life situations and group work. It will be divided into following modules:

  • General - including job of Ship MasterManagement of Ship including Ship Maintenance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Navigation
  • Ship Manuevering
  • Commercial Management

Assessment & Evaluation

The participants would be assessed and evaluated based on their performance, participation and involvement in the entire program. This would be done partly by two assessments, one of which would include group work. The other would be an open book examination on the last day of the program.


Certificate would be awarded to successful participants on the completion of the program. A participation certificate may be given to participants not successfully completing the assessment components.

What will this Course Achieve

  • How to conduct accident / near-miss investigation and analysis on board for continual improvement.
  • How to conduct Risk Assessment of critical shipboard operations for which no check-list or procedures exist or when new changed circumstances exist which are different than those for which checklist was prepared.
  • How not to be afraid of port state control / vetting inspections and how to face any inspections to project the good safety culture of the ship and the Company.
  • How to conduct and control a Management Committee meeting / Safety meeting to obtain best results and through this vehicle perform Masters’ obligation of “Motivating the Crew” as per ISM code.
  • How to be assertive & to what extent can you be transparent?
  • Where to stop when taking calculated risks in emergency situations.
  • How to handle and manage ships in heavy weather and in ice.
  • How to keep up with charter party and commercial demands and work with a “No Loss to Shipowner” principle.
  • Quick revision of new regulations such as Ballast Water Convention, Air Pollution Annex, New Bulk Carrier chapter XII, ship owner’s inspection / maintenance of hatch covers, latest ISPS, ISM happenings and n/c s etc. (All from Master’s role point of view).

Programme Schedule

Day 1 : General Objectives of this Course, The job of the shipmaster, interrelationships of the Flag-state, the shipowner, the ship-manager and the “Company”, Master's role in collecting evidence to support ship's and Company's interests

Day 2 : Ship Master's responsibility, taking over command, SMS Management manual, its contents, its application and monitoring, ISM audits, Port State Inspections, PMS & Planning for surveys / drydocking, Monitoring PMS, making a repair report

Day 3 : Human How to motivate, how to communicate, manning and Resource the human fatigue factor, Importance and conduct of
Management management meetings of senior officers on board, how to promote co-operative spirit among different departments and creating the right ship “atmosphere”, how to monitor on-board training of crew and officers, how to get the most out of safety meetings on board, management of stress

Day 4 : Navigation How to check the passage plan, how to monitor /verify bridge watch-keeping, errors and limitations of
navigational instruments and systems. Several case studies of navigational mis-management

Day 5 : Ship Enhancing your ship-manvrg. technique, Master-pilot Maneuvering relationship, anchoring, heavy weather manvrg., Ice navigation, Tugs assistance, moorings, interaction

Day 6 : Commercial Time and voyage charters, carrier's responsibilities, communication with charterers, bills of Lading, loss
prevention of cargo, prevention of cargo claims, know your P& I club and its rules of cover, NOR, frequent mistakes and how to guard against them and other commercial matters.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule of Ship Masters’ Command & Control Course?
Presently we conduct one course very two months, i.e. 6 courses per year, each of one week duration. Scheduling is flexible, usually starting on Mondays.

Can there be a Company specific course?
Yes. We have already successfully conducted editions of this course, which were specifically tailored to particular Company’s requirements. For example, a Company requiring emphasis on tanker work, another requiring emphasis on container cargoes or chemical cargoes, etc. can be accommodated in appropriate modules.

Is there a generic version available?
Yes. The course described in this brochure is the common version, best suited for a multi-trade, multi-ship-type Company.

What notice is essential?
At least one month’s intimation is essential to finalise a special Company specific course, but upto 2 months is desirable to ensure that all aspects of Company’s present concerns are developed and programmed within the course.

Can Masters and Chief Officers attend the course together?
Yes. In fact, from the experience of several courses we find that experienced Masters also stand to gain as much as Chief Officers.

How are the arrangements?
We have a specially built ‘Executive Residency’, where participants stay and can take part in sports and other facilities available on the campus.

Additional Information

For further details and booking contact:

Tolani Maritime Institute
Talegaon Chakan Road
Induri, Talegaon
Pune - 410 507

Tel : + 91 (2114) 669600
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