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Careers for a Nautical Science Graduate

Upon completion of a 3 year Nautical Science degree course, one year sailing as Cadet and passing the Second Mate's Examination, the cadets will be eligible for appointment as Third Officers on merchant navy ships. A Third Officer receives emoluments of about US$2,200 per month plus free boarding and lodging while on board. Merchant Navy Officers are allowed to claim tax free income subject to conditions / tax regulations.

As a Deck Officer, one will progress along the chosen career path, moving up the ranks by periodically undergoing competency examinations conducted by the government. In addition to taking certain modular and preparatory courses, one will need to acquire minimum stipulated amount of sea service time before appearing for the examinations. From the rank of Third Officer, one will progress to a Second Officer, a Chief Officer and ultimately the Captain of a ship. With promotions come substantial improvements in remuneration. A Third officer presently receives emoluments of about US$2,200 per month net of taxes while a Captain receives about US$9,500 per month or more net of taxes. It takes about 8 years for a Third Officer to get promoted to the rank of Captain, depending on individual capabilities and the job opportunities available.

It is not uncommon for Deck Officers to retire from sea service well before the traditional retirement age. They are then able to find numerous opportunities ashore with shipping companies and other organisations for providing services to the shipping and other allied industry.

Nautical Science - Career Path