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Syllabus - B. Sc. Nautical Science

Semester I Semester II
English and Communication Skills Applied Mathematics
Nautical Mathematics Applied Physics & Electricity
Nautical Physics Nautical Electronics
Computer Science Ship Construction
General Ship knowledge Ship Operation Technology
Terrestrial Navigation Chart Work & Collision Prevention Regulations
Nautical Physics (Practical) Applied Physics & Electricity (Practical)
Computer Science (Practical) Nautical Electronics (Practical)
Semester III Semester IV
Celestial Navigation Paper -I Life Saving & Fire Fighting Appliances
Ship Stability Paper - I Ship Stability Paper – II
Marine Engineering, Automation & Control Systems Paper –I Cargo Handling & Stowage Paper –II
Meteorology Paper –I Ship Maintenance and Emergencies
Cargo Handling & Stowage Paper –I Marine Engineering, Automation & Control Systems Paper –II
Bridge Equipment & Watchkeeping Paper –I Meteorology Paper –II
Seamanship Lab - I (Practical) Seamanship Lab - II (Practical)
Marine Engineering Workshop - I (Practical) Marine Engineering Workshop - II (Practical)
Semester V Semester VI
Coastal Navigation & Collision Prevention Regulations Voyage Planning & ECDIS
Naval Architecture Paper – I Naval Architecture Paper –II
Celestial Navigation Paper –II Ship Manoeuvring & Collision Prevention Regulations
Specialised Cargo Handling & Stowage IMO & International Conventions
Shipping Management Human Resource Management, Development & Leadership
Bridge Equipment & Watchkeeping Paper -II Marine Environmental Protection
Ship Operation Technology Lab (Practical) Navigation Lab (Practical)