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Grading System - B. Tech. Marine Engineering

IMU Programme

The classification of marks will be as follows:

  • 75% of the marks and above –  Distinction
  • 60% and above but below 75%- I class
  • 50% and above but below 60% - II  class
  • Below 50 % -  Fail

For further details refer to IMU Academic Guidelines.

BITS Programme

With effect from Semester I of year 2011-12, TMI is using the fine-grained grading system prescribed by BITS, Pilani. Depending upon the total marks scored by the candidate in each subject, he / she is awarded letter grades (A to E) for that subject at the end of each semester. Each subject is also allotted a certain number of units, depending upon the number of class hours allocated towards it.

Letter Grade Grade Point attached (on a scale of 10)
A 10
A - 9
B 8
B - 7
C 6
C - 5
D 4
E 2

TMI follows a Relative Grading System, where the grade allotted is not only dependent upon the marks obtained by the student, but also the performance of all students in the class.

Semester Grade Point Average

Using the number of units and grade points achieved in each subject, a weighted average grade point is computed at the end of each semester for each student. This composite numerical grade is the Semester Grade Point Average (GPA).

Cumulative Grade Point Average

The CGPA is a single composite measure of a student's performance to date at the institute. It is calculated by taking the average of all individual Semester Grade Point Averages.

Other information

  • An 'E' grade is considered a 'failing grade' and a student is required to repeat all assessment components for that particular course.
  • Promotion to the next semester is not automatic and will be granted only at the end of the complete assessment for the existing semester, subject to the prevailing policy of the Institute and the academic regulations prescribed by BITS, Pilani in this regard.
  • On successfully completing the entire course of study, students who have earned a CGPA of at least 4.5 will receive a Bachelor of Technology Degree from BITS, Pilani.