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Performance Evaluation - B. Tech. Marine Engineering

The performance evaluation system employed at TMI has been designed to match the objectives of the curriculum, which is to develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills as well as inculcate various other qualities like team spirit and leadership qualities.

Continuous evaluation

The effort and progress of the students in each subject is continuously assessed throughout the semester by grading performances in assignments, class discussions / presentations, tests and laboratory / workshop work. A special emphasis is placed on report writing.


Written, oral and/or practical examinations are conducted in each subject, at the middle and end of each semester. The written tests are either "open book" or "closed book". As per TMI norms, the answer books, after evaluation, are distributed back to students so that they can review their results and work on areas of improvement.

For every subject, each evaluation component is assigned a weightage for incorporation into the cumulative marks scored for the semester. Using this method, each student receives an overall percentage scored in each subject during each semester.

Extracurricular activities

Physical fitness is critical to a successful career in the merchant navy. Participation in sports and the disciplinary regimen of marching and physical education also earn a student credit marks.