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Internship - B. Tech. Marine Engineering

Every student enrolled in the 4 year Marine Engineering programme is expected to spend one of the final two semesters working as an intern in a maritime, industrial or commercial organisation. The Internship Programme is a conscious effort to integrate university education with the industrial world. It serves as a practical orientation, which helps students understand and deal with issues that are difficult to stimulate in a classroom / laboratory situation.

Benefits of the Programme

As an intern, each student gets an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge base acquired on campus and to experience a real world environment of responsibility. This is of great importance to the learning and maturing process that students must go through.

Internship at Sea

Under current rules laid down by DG Shipping, marine engineering graduates pursuing seafaring careers must undergo only 6 months of sea going service as trainee engineers before becoming eligible to take the Class IV Engineer examination. It is widely accepted however, that a person needs more than 6 months of sea service to develop the requisite watchkeeping skills. Recognising this, TMI has designed the internship programme to give students 22 weeks of sea going service prior to graduation and as a part of the curriculum. Therefore, a TMI graduate engineer will have had about 11 months of sea going service before appearing for the Class IV Examination. This, together with the practical, hands-on experience students get with various engineering systems installed at the campus, gives TMI graduates a head start in developing their careers

Internship Ashore

Internship in a shore based industrial company exposes students to aspects of mechanical and / or electrical engineering that add a lot of value to the their knowledge base. This enhances the students prospects for shore based opportunities.

The Internship Programme can also form the basis for eventual permanent placement of the Institute's graduates.

Assessment of Performance During Internship

During the internship semester, the organisation with whom the student is undertaking the internship programme conducts periodic assessments of the intern's progress, performance and achievements. After completion of the program, the student submits a detailed report of his internship experience and makes a presentation of the same at TMI.

The overall grades obtained by a student during the internship semester take into consideration the assessment of both the organisation and TMI's faculty.

In order to ensure that the internship remains meaningful, TMI maintains close contact with ship-owning and ship-management companies as well with industries associated with the maritime industry.